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Afl Carl Ditterich Family: Who Are His Wife And Children?

Netizens want to learn about the AFL Carl Ditterich family following recent headlines about charges of minor victimization. He is a notable former Australian rules footballer. 

The former Australian rules footballer Carl Ditterich is making grand rounds after the news of charges of minor exploitation.

Key Takeaways

  • AFL Carl Ditterich has a tight-knit family of four members. Despite their immense province and sophisticated lives, they are down-to-earth people.
  • The former Australian rules footballer Carl Ditterch and his wife, Alana Ditterch, lived in Swan Hill, Australia.
  • Ditterich has two children: a son and a daughter named Britt Ditterich, a weather news reporter at WIN News who joined the network in 2010.

AFL Carl Ditterich Family Doesn’t Love Media Attention

Unfortunately, limited information about the AFL Carl Ditterich family is available online.  

Following the recent headlines, the former Australian footballer’s fans have wanted to learn their reaction to the ordeal.

Previously, Ditterich and his family faced eviction from their century-old wheat farm in Swan Hill because of a disputed $600,000 water debt.

Ditterich’s father-in-law, Bruce Currie, allegedly previously signed an agreement with Goulburn-Murray Water officials.

However, he signed the agreement without fully understanding its contents, for Bruce was recovering from surgery and on morphine at the time.

Ditterich lived on the property with his wife during that time.

Likewise, only very few instances of them showing up as a family in the coveted events and functions.

One instance includes Ditterich and his family attending the AFL Hall of Fame Induction Dinner on June 7, 2004, in Melbourne, Australia.

Besides that, the AFL player has successfully concealed the details about his family, including his parents, from rigorous media scrutiny. 

Ditterich likely respects his family members’ desire for privacy and to keep their details out of the limelight, leading to the lack of information available.

Regardless of their high profile and prominence, Ditterch’s family is down-to-earth. Jennafer Whelan, a celebrant who led his daughter’s wedding, stated this to the media.

Search For Carl Ditterich Wife Alanna And Children Surges After The Recent Headline

Following the recent headlines, netizens are curious to learn if Carl Ditterich has a wife to witness the ordeal.

However, Carl Ditterich wife Alanna Ditterich hasn’t discussed the recent headlines.

Thus far, precise information about Ditterich and Alanna’s wedding details hasn’t surfaced online.

Unfortunately, there is little to no information surrounding the former footballer’s wife on the web.

The Australian rules footballer has two children: a daughter named Britt Ditterich and a son whose name remains unknown.


Britt Ditterich is a weather presenter for WIN Network. The network appointed her in 2014 following Jane Bunn’s exit. She joined the WIN Network reportedly in 2010. 

Having spent childhood on a farm in Woorinen South, accompanied by her grandfather around the livestock, Britt understood the dual nature of weather conditions.

Ditterich walked his daughter Britt down the aisle in 2016 at the Echuca Aquatic Reserve.

Britt tied the knot with Glenn Boyd amidst an immediate audience of around 70 guests in the wedding ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

What did Carl Ditterich do after his football career?

After retiring from football, Carl Ditterich purchased a wheat farm near Swan Hill, Victoria. He also pursued coaching options, leading Woorinen in the Mid Murray Football League for two seasons in 1983 and 1984. Likewise, Ditterich coached Boort in the North Central Football League in 2002 and 2003.

Did Carl Ditterich have any involvement in politics?

Yes, Carl Ditterich stood as an independent candidate for the seat of Swan Hill in the 1999 Victorian state election. However, the former Australian rules footballer was unsuccessful in his bid for political office.

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