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Meet Brit Turner Wife Shannon And Daughter Lana Jean

Brit Turner was a talented drummer and founding member of Blackberry Smoke, contributing to the band’s success with his skillful percussion.

Brit Turner, the co-founder and drummer of the Southern rock band Blackberry Smoke, passed away at the age of 57 after battling glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer.

Known for their fusion of country and rock, Blackberry Smoke gained prominence in the early 2000s and toured alongside renowned acts like Guns N’ Roses.

Turner, originally from Michigan but raised in Georgia, embodied the spirit of the band with his lively personality and skillful drumming.

Despite his rock influences from the 1980s, Turner embraced Southern rock and country music, contributing to the band’s diverse sound.

Blackberry Smoke achieved commercial success with albums like “Little Piece of Dixie” and “Holding All the Roses,” topping country music charts.

Turner’s artistic contributions extended beyond music, as he also designed album covers. Even amid health struggles, Turner remained dedicated to touring with the band, reflecting their commitment to hard work and authenticity.

In his own words, their success was built on genuine connections with fans and a relentless work ethic.

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Meet Brit Turner Wife Shannon And Daughter Lana Jean

Brit Turner shared a loving bond with his wife Shannon and their daughter Lana Jean, though tragically, he succumbed to brain cancer.

Turner frequently expressed his affection for his family on social media platforms. Lana Jean, their daughter, has ventured into acting, featuring in popular American TV series such as “Stranger Things,” “Doom Patrol,” and “Sweet Magnolias.”

Brit Turner Wife
Brit’s wife Shannon and daughter Lana Jean. (Image Source: Instagram)

While there is limited information about Shannon, she maintains an Instagram account under the handle @shannonsturner.

Brit’s daughter’s Instagram handle @lanajeanturner.

Those interested can find updates on her life there. Despite the loss of Brit, the family appears to be coping well, engaging in activities that bring them joy.

The sudden passing of Brit Turner undoubtedly leaves a void in their lives, but their loved ones, including the band Blackberry Smoke, extend heartfelt condolences to Turner’s family during this difficult time.

Brit Turner Short Biography

Brit Turner, originally from Mt. Clemons, Michigan but raised in Smyrna, Georgia, hailed from a musical family. His early influences were rock and metal bands like AC/DC and Iron Maiden.

He was born on 1967 and at the time of his demise he was 57 years old.

Brit Turner Wife
Brit Turner with his family. (Image Source: Instagram)

Turner formed basement bands alongside his brother Richard, eventually becoming local openers for acts like Iron Maiden and Metallica.

In 2000, Turner, his brother, and fellow musicians Charlie Star and Paul Jackson formed Blackberry Smoke, a Southern rock powerhouse.

Despite years of hard work, their breakthrough came with the 2015 album “Holding All The Roses,” making them the first independently released country album to top the Billboard Country Albums chart.

Turner’s drumming prowess contributed to their success, with subsequent albums like “Like an Arrow” gaining acclaim.

Despite battling illness, Turner continued to perform with the band until his recent absence from live appearances in 2024.

Brit Turner’s passing leaves a significant void in Blackberry Smoke and the wider music community, marking a profound loss in Southern rock and country music.

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