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Is Christian Peterson Bilan Osman Husband Or Love Interest? Video Expo

Christian Peterson Bilan Osman’s relationship was already shocking enough; however, when Christian smeared Bilan on Twitter, the lady was left grasping at straws to clear the matter.

Bilan Osman is a renowned Somali journalist who is making headlines on social media for her alleged relationship with a far-right extremist.

This speculation concerned many, as Bilan is known for her advocacy against Islamophobia and racism. Many doubted if she was really involved with Christian, whose notorious deeds are also known.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bilan Osman has been dragged into controversy by far-right extremist Christian Peterson.
  • Christian Peterson alleged that he was in a romantic relationship with Bilan Osman to target and belittle her deliberately.
  • Bilan Osman has defended herself on social media and challenged Christian Peterson to reveal her so-called secrets.

The anti-racism activist has worked for the Expo Foundation since 2013. She has also been a columnist for Expressen and Svenska Dagbladet.

Bilan was honored with the ELSA Award at the Swedish Committee Against Antisemitism in 2014. She was among four Swedish Magazine Publishers Association’s Rising Star Award nominees.

Was Christian Peterson Bilan Osman Married?

It all started after Christian Peterson posted a lengthy statement about his relationship with the Swedish journalist.

The guy admitted that he had followed Bilan Osman for two years, which made her fall in love with him. He even converted to Islam for Osman’s sake and reportedly welcomed a son with her.

But here comes the twist. Peterson shared that it was a scheme to learn about the Expo Foundation, which Bilan is part of.

Not just that, Christian openly admitted to targeting the Swedish columnist to embarrass and silence her. His agenda was to target Somalis and Muslims.

The far-right extremist also disclosed that Osman revealed many informants to Expo, which should be punishable by imprisonment.

The guy has since alleged that Bilan is into alcohol and claims to be bisexual.

How Has Bilan Osman Responded To The Allegations?

The anti-racist activist’s connection with an Islamophobe has shocked the nation. Adding the fact that Christian is ready to reveal crucial facts about Expo, this matter has become more than a love-hate relationship between the couple.

The Swedish columnist immediately shared several posts on X defending herself.

She revealed that Peterson’s allegations were false and that all her family and friends knew about their relationship.

“I think some of you have seen that there is a lot of unfounded criticism about me on social media. Those criticisms and negative accusations are promoted by a radical right-wing racist, the same man who organized the burning of the Holy Quran two years ago.

The Sweden columnist added that she only had a journalistic relationship with Christian Peterson and nothing romantic ever happened between them.

Many have retweeted her posts, commenting We stand with Bilan Osman.


How Old Is Bilan Osman?

Bilan Osman is 32 years old in 2024. She was born in 1992 in Gothenburg.

Who Are Bilan Osman’s Parents?

While Bilan Osman’s parents’ names are not revealed, it is known that they were a chemistry professor and an activist.

Who Was Bilan Osman’s Grandfather?

The Swedish journalist’s paternal grandfather, Nor Osman, was a poet.

Did Bilan Osman Go To College?

Bilan Osman graduated from Bona Folk High School, where she studied multimedia journalism.

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