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Who Is Robert Whittaker Brother Steven? Siblings And Parents

Robert Whittaker, the formidable force from New Zealand, epitomizes excellence in mixed martial arts.

Australian mixed martial artist Robert Whittaker, born in New Zealand, embodies tenacity and skill in the Octagon.

He was born on December 20, 1990, and started in Hapkido before switching to mixed martial arts (MMA). He became well-known in the middleweight division of the UFC by showcasing remarkable striking and grappling skills.

There were obstacles in the martial artist’s way of success. He faced obstacles and wounds, demonstrating his willpower and commitment to his work.

Because of his skill and strategic thinking, he is a powerful opponent and goes by the “The Reaper.”

His most outstanding achievement came in 2017 when he won the UFC middleweight belt, confirming his place among the best fighters in the category.

Fans worldwide have been enthralled with his exciting cage fights, and he’s still pushing himself to compete against the best in the game.

Robert Whittaker inspires young martial artists everywhere as he carves out his legacy.

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Who Is Robert Whittaker Brother Steven?

The former UFC middleweight champion is greatly influenced by his older brother, Steven Whittaker, the well-known mixed martial arts competitor Robert Whittaker’s sibling.

Though not as well-known as his younger brother, Steven has supported Robert throughout his career with consistency and unwavering presence.

His brother was born in New Zealand, so they probably have a similar background and upbringing, strengthening their relationship.

Although he followed a career in mixed martial arts, his brother has played an equally significant but less well-known role.

Robert Whittaker Brother
Robert Whittaker has an older brother named Steven. (Source: Instagram)

He has undoubtedly been Robert’s brother throughout his rise through the UFC ranks, offering support, direction, and encouragement.

His brother has looked up to him, both in and out of the spotlight, even though information regarding his brother’s personal and professional pursuits is not as well-documented as Robert’s.

He probably finds solace in their familial bond, which reminds him of his origins and the people who support him.

Even though Steven’s brother may have gotten more attention, Steven had a significant role in Robert’s success.

Every great athlete has a network of supporters, and Steven Whittaker is undoubtedly one of those people in Robert’s life. He has shown him nothing but love and support while he has made his mark in the mixed martial arts community.

Robert Whittaker Parents

The late UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker’s parents, Jack and Jewel Whittaker, significantly influenced the man’s life and personality.

He was born in Otahuhu, Auckland, New Zealand, on December 20, 1990, and raised in a home full of love and hardships.

When their parents divorced when he was just ten years old, Jack Whittaker, his father, took on the role of primary carer for him and his elder brother.

The family moved to Menai, an Australian suburb of Sydney, where they resided in a housing commission apartment.

Robert Whittaker Brother
Robert Whittaker was born in Otahuhu, Auckland, New Zealand. (Source: Instagram)

Their father showed steadfast dedication to raising his two sons despite the challenges of being a single father.

In addition to meeting his sons’ bodily needs, he was a source of support, inspiration, and leadership for them as a single father.

The artist’s strong work ethic, perseverance, and tenacity were ingrained in him through his love and sacrifice; these traits would eventually define his prosperous career in mixed martial arts.

Even though Robert’s path to UFC fame frequently emphasizes his accomplishments, it’s essential to acknowledge the early influence of his parents, especially Jack, his father.

The narrative of the Whittaker family is proof of the strength of ties to one’s family and the significant influence parents may have on their offspring.

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