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What Happened To Hans Kim And Where Is He Now? Reddit Update

Fans wonder what happened to Hans Kim after his absence on the Kill Tony podcast. He is one of the regular faces on the Kill Tony podcast.

Hans Kim is a comedian who is a known face among the genuine audience of the Kill Tony podcast. 

Key Takeaways

  • Hans Kim has been absent in the recent few episodes of the Kill Tony podcast. Hence, fans have been wondering what happened to him.
  • He isn’t going anywhere, and fans need not worry as the regular on Kill Tony, Hans, will appear on Desert Ridge Improv.
  • Several Reddit discussions surrounding Hans’s well-being have surfaced online after his absence on Kill Tony.

What Happened To Hans Kim? 

Fans have been curious to learn what happened to Hans Kim following his absence on a few episodes of Kill Tony.  

Promptly after his genuine fans couldn’t see him in the podcast, several Reddit users came forward to learn about his well-being.

The comedian has not addressed why he hasn’t recently opened Kill Tony. That said, he is doing fine regarding his health. 

Hans, a regular on Kill Tony, will appear on Desert Ridge Improv from April 11 to April 13, 2024.

This suggests that Hans might take a break from his regular role as Kill Tony’s opener, possibly for personal reasons or to prepare for the upcoming event.


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Likewise, you can catch the comedian performing every Tuesday at Vulcan Gas Company.

That said, the exact reason for Hans’s absence from Kill Tony is still a mystery. He hasn’t opened up about this issue so far.

Fans have voiced their worry about Hans’s welfare. One user commented on his recent Instagram post, “Hope All Is Well, Homie.”

Similarly, another user respectfully requested,’

Respectfully NEED you back opening the show sir

Reddit Fans Discuss If Hans Kim Is On A Brief Hiatus From Kill Tony

Several Reddit discussions surrounding Hans Kim’s absence have surfaced on the platform.

A Reddit post titled

“Does anyone know what happened to Hans Kim? Why isn’t he opening?” has drawn significant attention with 15 comments.

A user speculated,’

He’s having a break until he battles Ric Diez in May. Wasn’t fair that Ric had all that time to prepare, but Hans had to keep coming up with a new minute every week. Casey temporary fill in

In the meantime, another comedian named Casey seems to be filling in for him. However, the exact reason for Hans Kim’s absence hasn’t been officially addressed.

Likewise, another expressed his concern noting,’

It’s been a few episodes and the other guy replaced Hans as the intro guy. What happened to hans?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Hans Kim’s net worth?

Hans Kim is worth a few thousand, amassed from his prominence as a comedian. Being an opening act for comedians of notable stature indicates a level of recognition and respect within the comedy community, as it allows Hans to showcase his talents to a broader audience and potentially gain more exposure and opportunities in the industry.

2. Does Hans Kim have a girlfriend?

Unfortunately, details of Hans Kim’s potential love life are a mystery. He hasn’t unveiled information about his relationship status so far. 

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