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Shay Kang Parents: Mother Jaskirat Kaur And Father

Shay Kang parents have pulled everyone’s attention as their daughter was slaughtered at their house in Rowley Regis, West Midlands.

Shay Kang is a 10-year-old girl from the United Kingdom whose name has been appearing on internet sources for the past few days.

Everyone online is eager to know more about the young girl who lost her life at a young age.

It was on Monday at around 12:10 PM when the girl was discovered injured at a residence on Robin Close in Rowley Regis, West Midlands.

Tragically, she was pronounced lifeless at the scene. Unfortunately, she breathed her last, succumbing to the injuries.

As of this, netizens are curious to learn more about Kang and her family.

Shay Kang Parents: Mother Jaskirat Kaur And Father

Details regarding Shay Kang’s parents have become a major concern after her demise. Her mother, Jaskirat Kaur, also recognized as Jasmine Kang, has been found guilty of killing her.

Reportedly, Jaskirat has been accused and charged with the murder of her 10-year-old daughter in Rowley Regis.

Born in the United Kingdom, Kang was discovered dead at her home in Rowley Regis, West Midlands.

Shay Kang Parents
Shay Kang has passed away at the age of 10 and people who knew her are mourning the loss. ( Source: Facebook )

It is believed that Kang lived with her mother in the house. Likewise, her mother and father have not talked about this matter with the media yet.

Her tragic demise has made an intense impact on those who knew her personally and as well as the wider community.

One unnamed resident stated she was walking in the street a few weeks ago. From that some neighbors have claimed that Kang was a shy kid.

Two members of the Brickhouse community have also started a fundraiser on GoFundMe to cover the funeral expenses of Kang.

Where Is Shay Kang From? Ethnicity Revealed

Shay Kang was from the United Kingdom. So, it can be said that Kang was a British girl, but her ethnic background remains unclear.

It has been said that Kang was also a student at Brickhouse Primary School in the town. Meanwhile, people mentioned that Shay hadn’t been to school for months.

Shay Kang Ethnicity
Shay Kang was a happy girl who went to nearby Brickhouse Primary School. ( Source: BBC )

She reportedly attended nearby Brickhouse Primary School. The school also released a statement saying it was deeply devasted by the news of its students.

Tributes and condolence messages are pouring on various social media platforms as the news has left everyone shattered.

Who Was Shay Kang?

Shay Kang was a 10-year-old girl whose name came into the media prominence after her demise news was confirmed.

She was found injured at a place on Robin Close around 12:10 PM on Monday, March 4th. Sadly, Kang was declared deceased at the scene.

A 33-year-old lady has been locked up on suspicion of the homicide. It is confirmed that the woman is her mother Jasmine Kang.

Shay Kang Death
Shay Kang was found dead and people paid tribute to the girl at the scene. ( Source: The Mirror )

As of now, Jasmine woman remains in custody. The area is still blocked off as they investigate, and they’ll do a post-mortem to find out how she died.

Furthermore, two people who knew Kang set up a GoFundMe fundraiser. At the time of this post, more than 2500 pounds have already been raised.


Who Is Shay Kang Mother?

Shay Kang’s mother name is Jaskirat Kaur and she is also a suspect in Shay’s homicide.

What Happened To Shay Kang?

Shay was pronounced dead at her parents house in Rowley Regis. Details about her autopsy is yet to be revealed by the coroner’s office.

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