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Janel Grant Wikipedia And Age: Who Is She? Husband Revealed

After Janel Grant wikipedia has been trending after the former WWE employee filed a lawsuit against Vince McMahon.

The lawsuit leveled charges of sexual assault, trafficking, and physical maltreatment against the former WWE boss.

Grant claims that both McMahon and John Laurinaitis, a former executive at WWE, subjected her to sexual exploitation and trafficking during her tenure.

The lawsuit further mentions that the sexual assault took place “at the WWE headquarters, even amidst work hours.”

In the wake of these allegations, there has been a surge of curiosity about Janel Grant’s identity.

Let’s delve into all the available information about Grant, encompassing her stint at WWE and the accusations she has made against Vince McMahon.

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Janel Grant Wikipedia And Age

Janel Grant, a 43-year-old Connecticut native, is a former employee of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Janel Grant Wikipedia
Janel Grant wikipedia has been trending online after she filed a lawsuit against Vince McMahon. (Image Source: Sportskeeda)

Grant has recently been thrust into the limelight due to a lawsuit she filed against Vince McMahon, a well-known sports executive, and his close associate, John Laurinaitis, alleging sexual assault.

During her tenure at WWE from 2019 to 2022, Grant was part of the legal and talent departments.

The Connecticut native claims to have experienced sexual misconduct by McMahon and his inner circle while working at WWE’s headquarters.

In her lawsuit, Grant accuses McMahon of sexual assault, trafficking, and physical abuse.

She alleges that McMahon offered her employment and subsequent promotions at WWE in return for sexual favors.

The lawsuit further alleges that McMahon trafficked her to other men, both within and outside the company.

This includes John Laurinaitis, a former wrestler who worked in the company’s talent relations department.

Upon the termination of her employment and their sexual relationship, Grant alleges that McMahon forced her into signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Not only that but the prominent sports executive also offered payment totaling $3 million to Grant in exchange for her silence.

Through her lawsuit, Janel Grant aims to protect other women from similar victimization.

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Janel Grant Made Vince McMahon’s Explicit Text Messages Public

The scandal involving McMahon and Grant continues to unravel, shedding light on a deeply troubling culture within the WWE promotion’s parent company, TKO Group Holdings.

Janel Grant Wikipedia
Janel Grant shared inappropriate text messages that former WWE boss Vince McMahon. (Image Source: Marca)

The explicit and graphic text messages, provided by Grant, led to McMahon’s resignation as Executive Chairman on Friday night.

A memo from President Nick Khan confirmed McMahon’s departure. The first of these messages dates back to 5 February 2021.

It reveals McMahon encouraging Grant to engage in sexual activities with other men.

McMahon wrote, “Do U promise to make me proud Baby? Will U show him what a Porno Star U can B? Will U Show Off for me like never before ????”

The former WWE boss further added, “On days when he’s in town, I want him to f- U every morning and later In the office too.”

Beyond the sexual content of the messages, Grant also provided evidence of McMahon’s attempts at blackmail.

McMohan stated that her job was at stake, adding another layer of coercion to their interactions.

This ongoing issue has exposed a toxic environment that existed under McMahon’s leadership, prompting a thorough investigation into the company’s practices.

The wrestling world awaits further developments as this story continues to unfold.

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