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Is Raven Johnson Related Gary Payton – Are They Family?

Is Raven Johnson related Gary Payton? The two basketball players have solidified their respective names in the sports industry with outstanding exhibitions.

Raven Johnson is a 21-year-old prominent college basketball player for the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Whereas Gary is a former professional basketball player best known for his 13-year tenure with the Seattle SuperSonics.

Key Takeaways

  • Raven Johnson and Gary Payton aren’t related to each other. There is no immediate connection between them.
  • They are only related by profession as basketball players. Yet, some speculate they have similar-looking faces and aura.
  • Raven and Gary have different familial backgrounds and last names, which declines any possibility of their connection.

Is Raven Johnson Related Gary Payton?

No, Raven Johnson isn’t related to Gary Payton by any familial relationship. They are only related by profession.

If you ask how the speculations surrounding their relationship surfaced online, people find Raven’s skills and aura similar to that of former professional basketball player Gary.

She is even considered Gary’s daughter, given her outstanding exhibitions on the basketball court and their similar-looking facial features.

However, it is just a meme and isn’t grounded in reality. They are only related professionally as basketball players. 

Some netizens even have made collage photos comparing their somewhat similar looks.

Also, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Raven and Gary haven’t crossed paths. However, there’s no evidence of that happening so far.


Similarly, it isn’t uncommon for people in the sports industry to look out for their family members and relatives.

That said, Raven and Gary aren’t related to each other, and there is no immediate connection between the two personalities.

Raven Johnson And Gary Payton Have Different Familial Backgrounds

The former professional basketball player, Gary Payton, was born to his parents, Al Payton and Annie Payton, in Oakland, California.

Gary’s father, Al, played a vital role in guiding him towards basketball, providing support, discipline, and financial assistance.

He faced academic and behavioral challenges; however, Gary ultimately excelled on the basketball court.

The 21-year-old college basketball player Raven was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 4, 2003.

Her grandfather, Rodrick Boone, a retired U.S. military person, played a significant role in igniting interest in Raven while she was in sixth grade.

The basketball players Gary and Raven don’t have similar last names or family backgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Raven Johnson have any siblings?

Yes, Raven Johnson has a twin brother named Richard Johnson. Raven and Richard were introduced to the sports by their grandfather, Rodrick Boone, a retired officer of the U.S. military service.

Does Gary Payton have any siblings?

Yes, Gary Payton has a brother named Brandon Payton, a former professional basketball player in the 2000s.

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