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Greg Gumbel Health Update, Is The March Madness Host Sick?

CBS studio host Greg Gumbel has taken a step back from his duties. This has led to considerable concern about his health and wellness.

Greg Gumbel is a renowned American sportscaster. He is presently the studio host for CBS’ men’s college basketball coverage.

Gumbel served as a play-by-play announcer for the NFL on CBS until 2023. The New Orleans native is known for his coverage of the NFL and NCAA basketball.

Gumbel made history as the first African-American to announce a major sports championship in the U.S. during Super Bowl XXXV.

He’s also recognized as the older brother of Bryant Gumbel, another prominent sportscaster.

Key Takeaways

  • Greg Gumbel will be absent from his usual role in the NCAA Tournament studio coverage due to a “family health issue.”
  • After the news of Gumbel came to light, many people have shown their concern over his health issues.
  • Greg Gumbel has not retired; he will be absent from his position for a while but plans to return eventually.

Greg Gumbel Health 2024: Is He Sick?

No, Greg Gumbel is not sick. At least, there have been no reports to suggest that the sports commentator is dealing with any significant health problems.

As previously mentioned, the host of March Madness will be taking a break from his broadcasting duties due to “family health issues”.

His colleagues at CBS have expressed their well wishes during his absence.

However, the specific details about the family health issue that he will be addressing have not been disclosed to the public.

Following Gumbel’s absence from his usual position, many individuals have expressed their concerns over his health and wellness.

But it is not him who is facing a health issue, but his family member. Hopefully, the family member who is dealing with some health issues will recover soon.

We send our best wishes to Greg Gumbel and his family during this challenging time.

Did Greg Gumble Retire?

It doesn’t seem so. As the sportscaster is in the later stage of his career, the question related to his possible retirement have been flooding in.

However, the New Orleans native has been actively involved in this job, despite his advanced age.

Not only that but when he makes comments his voice is as strong as ever has been. Thus, after his temporary absence, he will return when the time is right.

Greg Gumbel Health
Greg Gumbel is not retiring and his absence is temporary. (Image Source: Sports Illustrated)

The specific details of “the family health issues” that the CBS studio host is attending are unknown. Due to this, it is difficult to conclude when he will return.

Moreover, after the 2022 season, he stepped away from his NFL play-by-play duties but extended his contract with CBS, incorporating NCAA Tournament studio work into his future plans.

Gumbel has been a cornerstone of CBS’s tournament coverage for decades, first hosting in 1998 and regularly appearing at the Final Four.

CBS celebrated Greg’s 25th anniversary of tournament coverage last season, marking a significant milestone.

In 2001, the CBS official made history as the first Black play-by-play announcer to call a major U.S. championship sporting event.

He narrated the Baltimore Ravens’ victory over the New York Giants in Super Bowl 35.

Nevertheless, Greg Gumbel’s career, which spans around five decades, has been nothing short of glorious.


What Happened To Greg Gumbel?

Nothing happened to the longtime March Madness studio host, he is just taking a break due to family health issues.

Who Is Greg Gumbel’s Wife?

The accomplished American sportscaster has been married to his wife, March Gumbel, for a few decades. The Gumbel couple have one daughter, Michelle. The family resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

What Is Greg Gumbel’s Net Worth?

As reported by Celebrity Net Worth, the sports commentator’s net worth is $16 million.

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