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Buck Cleven Wikipedia Bio: Who Is He? Wife And Family

Buck Cleven, a distinguished American aviator renowned for his exceptional flying prowess and unwavering bravery, left an indelible mark on the annals of aviation history.

In the vastness of the skies, the renowned American pilot Buck Cleven stood as a light of bravery and skill.

His audacious adventures and unmatched flying abilities penned a story of courage and tenacity from the first murmurs of his aviation enthusiasm to the apex of his remarkable career.

His trajectory was characterized by an uncompromising dedication to mastering the aerial realm and dogged pursuit of excellence.

Despite severe weather and intense air warfare, he remained reliable, overcoming obstacles with composure and accuracy.

His legacy bears witness to the unwavering spirit of American bravery, inspiring a new generation of aviators and winning him the respect and admiration of both allies and foes.

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Buck Cleven Wikipedia Bio: Who Was He?

Born in Lemmon, South Dakota, on December 27, 1918, Buck Cleven was an American pilot most known for founding the US Army Air Forces’ 100th Bomb Group during World War II.

John “Bucky” Egan, a fellow airman, gave him the moniker “Buck” after noticing how much he looked like a Wisconsin buddy.

The pilot, whom his fellow aviators regarded as charming, dapper, and quick-witted, came to represent the archetype of the American pilot in World War II.

Buck Cleven Wikipedia
Buck Cleven served with the United States Army Air Forces. (Source: 100th Bomb Group)

After being shot down on October 8, 1943, while piloting the B-17 “Our Baby,” he spent the rest of his time in Stalag Luft III as a Prisoner of War. After the war, he stayed in the Air Force and retired as a colonel in 1955.

After that, he started a prosperous career, turning Florida’s Webber College from a failed university into a thriving business school.

He died in Sheridan, Wyoming, on November 17, 2006. Still, his flying legacy lives on, inspiring future generations and symbolizing the steadfast devotion of those who have served their country.

Buck Cleven Wife

Two moving chapters chronicled Buck Cleven’s marriage, each of which had a lasting impact on his life story.

He set off on the journey of marriage with Marjorie, his boyhood sweetheart, in July 1945. Their union was full of young ardor and unending promise.

But when Marjorie unexpectedly passed away in 1953, it gave him a harsh blow, plunging him into a deep hole of sadness and grieving and forcing him to wade through the rough waves of loss and despair.

But even in the shadows, there was a ray of optimism. He found comfort and new friendship in the embrace of Esther Lee Athey in 1955; she was a constant source of love and support.

Esther stood by his side over the ups and downs of life, a pillar of support and encouragement as they weathered storms and enjoyed happy times.

Their unbreakable link symbolized tenacity and loyalty, providing him with a great deal of affection and companionship right up until the moment of his passing.

Buck Cleven Family

The love and direction of his parents, James Cleven and Bertha Mahoney, served as the foundation for Buck Cleven’s familial roots.

His early years were spent in his family’s embrace when he was born on December 27, 1918, in Lemmon, South Dakota. His family later moved to Lusk, Wyoming, in 1920.

His early years were knitted together in this idyllic environment, among the vast skies and undulating plains of the American West.

Buck Cleven Wikipedia
Buck Cleven was born in Lemmon, South Dakota. (Source: 100th Bomb Group)

His beloved sister Doris Shaw, whose presence brought warmth and companionship to his upbringing, traveled with him on this tour.

The existence of a nephew who lived in Dallas, Texas, strengthened the family bonds and connected his legacy beyond state lines.

The Cleven family was a rock during life’s highs and lows, helping mold the well-known pilot into the extraordinary person that people still remember and admire today.

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