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Brian Low Wikipedia And Age: How Old Was Dog Walker?

A 65-year-old dog walker Brian Low was found lifeless near Aberfeldy on 17 February.  Police officers didn’t suspect any foul play and thought it was related to medical issues.

But post-mortem examination flipped the entire case as they found a gunshot wound on Brian Low’s body, which led to a murder investigation.

It has been over two months but the person responsible for Mr. Low’s passing has still not been caught.

Key Takeaways

  • Brian Low was only three days away from his 66th birthday when his life was cut short while walking his dog on a remote path in Perthshire.
  • Mr. Low was a former groundsman who retired in February 2023.
  • Brian Low was a dog walker who was 65 years old when he passed away. While was shot, his pet, a black Labrador was unharmed.

Brian Low Wikipedia: How Old Was He?

Brian Low was a well-respected groundsman who had dedicated over two decades of his life to the Edradynate Estate.

He retired from his position in February last year. At the time of his passing, he was 65, just three days away from his 66th birthday.

Brian was living in Aberfeldy with his partner. Moreover, the spokesperson for the Edradynate Estate expressed their sorrow over Brian’s departure, extending their heartfelt condolences to his family.

The spokesman for Edradynate Estate also added that at the time the news of Mr Low’s departure was “extremely sad” and declined to comment further.

Brian’s neighbors, many of whom shared his love for dog walking, remembered him fondly.

One such neighbor, preferring to remain anonymous, described Brian as the “loveliest guy”. His kindness and affability made him a beloved figure in the community.

A former colleague described him as being “one of the most honest men you could meet”.

He also recounted his seven-year working relationship with Brian to BBC News.

Nevertheless, Brian Low was a retired groundsman, who loved animals and nature.

Brian Low Murder Case Investigation Update

Since discovering a gunshot wound on Mr. Low’s body, authorities have questioned hundreds of residents in Aberfeldy.

It is understood that officers in plain clothes have been active in the area.

The investigation, named Operation Newlane, is being conducted by Police Scotland.

Brian Low WIkipedia
The investigation related to Brian Low’s case is still going on as police have not caught the killer. (Image Source: BBC)

The officers involved have previously stated that they are pursuing several lines of inquiry and are keeping an open mind regarding the motive behind Mr Low’s murder.

Among the possibilities being considered is that Mr Low was specifically targeted. However, his passing is not being treated as an accident.

Speculation among the local public has centered on a particular individual, but the police have not commented on this.

The police have also declined to comment on specific aspects of their inquiries, including whether or not the weapon used in the murder has been found.

There has been a significant amount of criticism regarding the delay between the discovery of Mr Low’s body and the initiation of the murder investigation.

John Swinney, a local MSP, expressed his concerns during an interview with BBC Radio Scotland News.

He questioned why there was “a considerable gap in distance and time” between the discovery of Mr Low’s body and the realization that he had been shot.

According to Swinney, this delay has been a source of concern and confusion for many.


When and how did Brian Low Pass Away?

Brian Low was fatally shot at around 8.30 am on Saturday, 17 February. His demise was initially treated as medical-related until post-mortem confirmed he had been shot.

What is the status of the investigation into Brian Low’s Case?

A murder investigation was launched after the post-mortem examination. However, two months after the murder, the individual responsible remains at large.

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