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Brenda Andrew Wikipedia: Who Is The Inmate And What Did She Do?

The search for Brenda Andrew Wikipedia has increased as she is said to be the sole woman on death row in Oklahoma. 

Brenda was convicted for the murder of her husband, Robert Andrew, on November 20, 2001, in Oklahoma City.

Key Takeaway

  • Brenda’s illicit affair, coupled with financial problems and a significant life insurance policy, ultimately led to the murder of her husband.
  • Despite efforts to shift blame onto James Pavatt, Brenda was held accountable for her role in the murder, becoming the sole woman on Oklahoma’s death row. 
  • Brenda Andrew’s conviction and subsequent death sentence underscore the severity of her actions and the legal consequences she faced.

A secret romantic relationship, a significant life insurance policy worth $800,000, and a man facing significant financial problems formed a dangerous mix that ultimately led to the death of Rob Andrew.

Brenda Andrew grew up in a Christian home in a small town in Oklahoma. She was a baton twirler who never attended other kids’ parties because she did not smoke or drink.

She married her high school sweetheart Robert “Rob” Andrew and became a stay-at-home mom to their two children and a Sunday school teacher.

Inmate Brenda Andrew Wikipedia Is On Trends As She Is The Sole Woman On Death Row in Oklahoma

Brenda Evers was born on December 16, 1963, and grew up in Enid, Oklahoma, with her family. Talking about Brenda Andrew Wikipedia, she is yet to be featured on that platform.

Brenda’s family were religious and enjoyed spending time together, praying, and having meals. Brenda was a good student and was known for being shy and quiet.

She spent a lot of time at church and helping others. She took up baton twirling in junior high and went to football games. Brenda met Rob at Oklahoma State University.

He was her high school senior, and they met through his younger brother. The two began seeing each other and were soon dating exclusively.


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After graduating from high school, Brenda attended college in Winfield, Kansas, but later transferred to OSU in Stillwater to be closer to Rob.

They married on June 2, 1984, and initially lived in Oklahoma City. Later, after Rob got a job there, they moved to Texas.

On December 23, 1990, the Andrews celebrated the arrival of their first child, Tricity.

After Tricity’s birth, Brenda became a stay-at-home mom, leaving her job and colleagues behind.

Their second child, Parker, was born four years later, but Rob and Brenda’s marriage was in serious trouble by then.

Rob started confiding in his friends and pastor about the difficulties in his marriage.

Later, friends would testify that Brenda was verbally abusive to Rob, frequently expressing hatred towards him and claiming their marriage was a mistake.

What Did Brenda Andrew Do?

After separating from Rob, Brenda Andrew’s life took a tragic turn. In November 2001, during a visit to pick up their children, Rob was found dead in the garage, shot to death.

Brenda claimed that two gunmen had attacked them.

However, police discovered that Brenda had been having an affair with James Pavatt, a fellow church member and insurance salesman who sold Rob a significant life insurance policy.

Suspicion grew when it was revealed that Rob had expressed fear for his life and had become suspicious of Brenda and James.

When police attempted to arrest Brenda, she and James fled. They were later captured at the Mexican border. James was convicted and sentenced to death first.

Brenda faced trial next, with prosecutors arguing that she conspired with James to murder her husband for financial gain and a fresh start.

Despite attempts to shift blame onto James, Brenda was found guilty and sentenced to death, making her the only woman on Oklahoma’s death row.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Brenda Andrew still alive?

Yes, Brenda Andrew is still alive. Brenda, who is currently 60 years old, is the only woman on Oklahoma’s death row. If she is executed, she will be the fourth woman executed by the state of Oklahoma since 1976, when the state reinstated the death penalty using lethal injection.

2. What happened to Brenda Andrew’s children?

Judge Richard M. Perry decided that Tricity Andrew and her brother Parker would continue living with their grandparents from their father’s side, E.R., and Lou Andrew, who lives in Enid. The judge told the grandparents to permit Brenda Andrew, the children’s mother, and her family to visit the kids under supervision.

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