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Bossman Dlow Age Wikipedia Bio And Real Name

In the music world, Bossman Dlow has quickly become a rising star mesmerizing audiences with a cool mix of rap and dance that really grabs your attention.

People love the way Bossman Dlow combines these two styles to make something special.

The inspiration behind Bossman Dlow’s music seems to be a lifestyle fueled by ambition, rebellion against authority, and a focus on personal success, as portrayed in his song “Piss Me Off”

Some of his popular songs include “Get In With Me,” “The Biggest,” “Chick-fil-A,” and “Real Trapper.”

Let’s dig in to uncover each layer to shine a light on the important things that make Bossman Dlow more and more well-known in today’s music world.

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Bossman Dlow Age

The age of Bossman Dlow is like a mystery that grabs the interest of fans and adds a fascinating layer to his personality, making people curious to know more about him.

Bossman Dlow was born on August 31, 1998, in Baltimore, Maryland, and right now, he’s 25 years old.

In his work, he brings together a mix of experience and lively energy that makes what he does special.

Bossman Dlow
Bossman Dlow freestyling. (Source: Instagram)

Even though there are sometimes rumors about Bossman Dlow’s birth year being different, he has made it very clear that those claims are not true and that he was born in 1998.

He wants everyone to know that he has a lively and youthful spirit, both when he’s performing and in his everyday life.

Bossman Dlow Wikipedia

Bossman Dlow’s journey in music is like a story that’s part of the lively music scene in Baltimore.

When he was 11 years old, he went through tough times, especially because his parents were sent to prison for being part of a robbery.

During this period, Bossman and his younger sister were cared for by their grandmother until their mother’s release.

At his time as a student at Hamilton Middle School, he had his first experience performing when he and a childhood friend performed a Kris Kross song at local talent shows

Even though Bossman Dlow is famous in the music world, he has chosen not to share many details about his family. This includes keeping private information about the names and jobs of his family members.

He came from a rap group called N.E.K (Northeast Kings), making a big impact on the local music scene.

Bossman Dlow’s Real Name And Career

Beyond the stage name, the artist’s real name, Travis Holifield, anchors Bossman Dlow’s identity.

Born into the vibrant energy of Northeast Baltimore, Travis’s early experiences with N.E.K. laid the foundation for his solo career.

Bossman released his debut album, “Law and Order,” in 2004, followed by mixtapes with DJ Kayslay.

Bossman Dlow
Bossman Dlow’s song ‘The Biggest’. (Source: Instagram)

The music journey of Bossman Dlow includes more than just albums; he’s also made a bunch of mixtapes that add to his artistic story. Some important ones are “This Is A Warning” and “Yellow Tape,” and DJ Envy hosted both of them in 2005.

Transitioning from Virgin Records to Sony Urban Music, he secured a major deal and evolved his style.

The release of “The Re-Up” in 2010 marked a significant chapter, reflecting his journey from local acclaim to mainstream success.

His ability to do different styles is clear in the many singles and mixtapes he’s made. This shows his journey from being recognized locally to becoming well-known in the big world of hip-hop.

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