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Ben Jamal Wikipedia: Who Is He? Age And Ethnicity

Ben Jamal is the person who coordinated a pro-Palestine demonstration. During that time, a contentious sign was projected onto Big Ben.

‘From the River to the Sea’ was projected onto the Elizabeth Tower and the famous clock on Wednesday night. It was part of a rally staged by Ben Jamal outside the Houses of Parliament.

Ben is the director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and a former social worker. He has encouraged followers to scream the ‘very offensive’ statement, which has been called a racist cliche.  

Many people interpret the “deeply offensive” slogan as anti-Semitic and as a call to expel Jews from Israel.

Ben Jamal Wikipedia: Who Is He? 

Ben Jamal does not have a Wikipedia page, despite his major contributions to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Ben Jamal Wikipedia
Jamel, 60, who was in charge of planning the march, had urged participants to create “the biggest lobby in parliamentary history.” (Source: dailymail)

Jamal is the current Director of the London, England-based Palestine Solidarity Campaign. He began holding this role in October of 2016. 

From September 2006 to October 2016, Ben was the CEO of DVIP for ten years. It was before joining the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. 

Before that, from January 2001 to September 2006, he spent nearly six years working as a Child Protection Manager at Westminster Children’s Services. 

Ben’s responsibilities have included directing a domestic violence intervention organization and supervising child protection services in Westminster. He has also been speaking out in favor of Palestine solidarity.

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He has contributed to the hundreds of thousands of people who have taken to the streets of the capital.  

Ben Jamal Age: How Old Is The Director?

As of 2024, Ben Jamal’s age is 60 years old. 

Ben Jamal Wikipedia
Ben monitored the demonstration in which a contentious pro-Palestine slogan was displayed on Big Ben. (Source: LinkedIn)

Jamal’s age reflects a stage of life where individuals often possess a deep understanding of societal issues and dynamics. He has decades of experience behind him.

Hence, he may offer a perspective shaped by historical context and personal involvement in various movements. 

His age may also signify a sense of dedication and perseverance. This is evidenced by his continued commitment to advancing the goals of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Ben is the top representative of the biggest Palestinian rights organization in Europe. He has played a pivotal role in planning the marches that have drawn hundreds of thousands of participants to the streets of London. 

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He claimed to have been a social worker at a nonprofit that addressed domestic abuse. In an interview, he revealed that he understood that it was one of the fundamental issues of their time.

Ben Jamal Ethnicity Details: Where Is He From?

Ben Jamal’s ethnicity can be identified as mixed race as his father is Palestinian and his mother is English.

In 1948, when Israel was established on the territory they had inhabited for many generations, his father’s family was forced from Jerusalem and into exile.

His family was a Christian Arab family who resided in Talbieh, West Jerusalem. 

His grandfather, Shukry Jamal, was one of five brothers who owned a travel agency. They operated with locations around the Middle East in addition to having some involvement in publishing. 

His great-uncle Shibli Jamal served as the secretary of a Palestinian delegation. 

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He traveled to the UK in 1921 to bargain with Winston Churchill, the colonial secretary at the time, about reversing the Balfour proclamation. 

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