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Asa Blanton Video Gone Viral: Is She A Racist? Racism Comments Scandal And Controversy

Asa Blanton video on TikTok drew significant backlash for her provoking comment on Beyonce and people of color’s connection to the Country music genre.

A woman identified as Asa Blanton, an Indiana State University nursing student, faces immense repercussions for her viral video criticizing Beyonce.

Key Takeaways

  • Asa Blanton uploaded the now-viral video on TikTok after Beyonce released her Country album, criticizing the singer and the people of color for their connection to the Country music genre.
  • The girl behind the viral video is a nursing student at the Indiana State University.
  • In response to backlash, Indiana State University released a statement highlighting its long history of commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

Asa Blanton Video Gone Viral: Is She A Racist?

Asa Blanton’s video on TikTok is getting immense backlash for her racist comment dishonoring Beyonce and people of color’s connection to the Country music genre.

The girl, identified as Asa Blanton, posted the now-deleted video after Beyonce dropped her Country album “Act II: Cowboy Carter” on March 28.


Asa, allegedly a nursing student at Indiana State University, asserted in the video,’

I’m sorry, but if you’re Black, you’re not country. I don’t care. And I meant that in the nicest way.

In nearly no time, the video made grand rounds and drew significant attention, with multiple people stitching to her video and expressing their outrage at her provoking statement. 

Amy Latta, a feminist coach and marketing consultant, also opposed Asa’s statement on Beyonce’s Country album.


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A post shared by Amy Latta – feminist coach & marketing consultant (@iamamylatta)

She took to her social platform, questioning, ‘Why Beyonce have to prove her southern roots in order to create a Country album?’

Online reactions ranged from disbelief to outrage, with many individuals expressing frustration over Asa’s comments’ racial essence.

Some pointed out the hypocrisy of allowing wh*te artists to explore several genres like rap and R&B while limiting blck artists the same freedom.

A user’s comment suggested that her attitude might affect her ability to provide care as a nurse, penning,’

I wouldn’t want her as my nurse, but I have a feeling she loves being a snow bunny to prey on blk men and hates blk women.

Asa Blanton Racism Comments Ignite Into Scandal And Controversy

Following the viral TikTok video drew significant attention, Asa has stirred herself into controversy, with immense backlash.

In response to the online chaos, Indiana State University released a statement emphasizing its commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

The University stated that Asa’s comments don’t reflect the university’s values. 


The incident sheds light on the stereotype that associates blck people solely with rap and R&B genres while assigning other genres to wh*te people.

Likewise, this viral video fails to recognize the rich musical talent within all racial and ethnic groups.

While rap music originated in African American communities, blck artists have excelled in various genres throughout music history, including blues, jazz, and more.

The perception that specific genres are exclusive to particular racial groups overlooks the diversity and creativity present in all communities.


Who are Asa Blanton’s parents?

Unfortunatley, details surrounding Asa Blanton’s parents remain concealed from media scrutiny. Now that the video is growing viral, individuals have wanted to learn about her family and life in detail. However, she 

Does Asa Blanton have siblings?

Little to no information about Asa Blanton’s siblings is readily available online. She has now deleted her social media platforms following the backlash for her provoking comment.

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