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Saleha Mohsin Wikipedia Bio Age And Net worth

Saleha Mohsin is a well-known journalist and has made important contributions to the profession. Saleha is known for her smart reporting and analysis of various issues.

Saleha is a journalist and novelist who serves as Bloomberg News’ Senior Washington Correspondent.

Likewise, her journalistic experience in Washington, D.C., includes policy, politics, and power dynamics, showing her deep expertise in these areas. 

Key Takeaways

  • Saleha Mohsin, an established reporter and novelist, is the Senior Washington Correspondent for Bloomberg News.
  • Saleha was born in 1980 on January 1st.
  • Saleha was raised in Ohio and later graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a master’s degree in journalism.
  • Saleha, an established journalist and a novelist, has a networth of $500 thousand. 

Mohsin is an experienced journalist and a published novelist. She is best known for her book Paper Soldiers, which illuminates important issues.

Furthermore, she also runs the Big Take DC podcast, which offers great insights to her audience.

Saleha Mohsin Wikipedia Bio And Age: Meet The Bloomberg Journalist 

Saleha Mohsin was born on January 1st, 1980. As of 2024, she is 44 years old. 

Likewise, she was raised in Ohio, a city rich in coal and various arts, including notable museums. Her knowledge has taken her on a global tour from Indonesia to Argentina and Israel, where she gives up-to-date coverage of major events and developments.

Mohsin graduated from the University of Cincinnati and got a master’s degree in journalism in London before moving to Oslo, Norway. 


Moreover, one of Mohsin’s biggest publications is “Paper Soldiers,” a careful study of the U.S. Treasury’s global impact and the complex dynamics surrounding the U.S. dollar as a tool of power and influence.

Further, this journal has received high appreciation for its detailed research and engaging writing style, which provides readers with an in-depth knowledge of Washington’s hidden power structures and the global consequences of U.S. economic policies.

Mohsin’s work informs and promotes, providing a balanced perspective on the function of the U.S. Treasury and the importance of the U.S. dollar in determining global economic dynamics.

Overall, the journalist’s contributions to her field show a dedication to revealing the complexities of economic power structures and policy decisions, earning her an international reputation in foreign affairs and economic journalism.

Saleha Mohsin Net Worth

Saleha Mohsin estimated net worth is to be around $500 thousand. 

Mohsin’s early career experiences, which included working as a freelance reporter for The Wall Street Journal and later as a reporter for the Associated Press, were the foundation for her future success.

However, her critical shift to Bloomberg LP in June 2013 represented an important moment in her professional career.


Following her international experience, she returned to the United States and continued her important job as a Reporter at Bloomberg LP’s Washington office for nearly six years until February 2022.

Additionally, this regular and committed reporting time helped Mohsin develop as a renowned journalist in economic and financial reporting.


Is Saleha Mohsin married?

Saleha Mohsin is married to Faisal, a British national who is an architect. 

Does Saleha Mohsin have children?

Saleha Mohsin has a son named Mazen. 

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