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Liz 90 Day Fiance Ethnicity Family And Background Explored

Reality television star Liz Woods is flaunting her new boyfriend on her social media handle after she split up with Big Ed. Back in 2023, Liz’s Hispanic grandparents were seen in the 90 days Fiance talked with Big Ed if he was serious about her and wouldn’t cheat on her.

Back in February of 2024, Liz confirmed the news of her breaking up with Brown. She said she had met someone new and moved on from her past relationship.

Key Takeaways

  • Liz Woods shared a picture on her Instagram, which she captioned and said that she is multiracial.
  • Liz Woods was previously married to Big Ed Brown.
  • Liz’s grandparents, Richard and Lavia, were seen on an episode of 90 Days Fiance.

Liz shared her Instagram story, in which the Last Resort’s leading man, Ed, was seen nowhere to be the mysterious man. The story was about her mystery boyfriend’s birthday.

The story included a series of pictures. She shared the pair of clinking glasses with wine and wrote, “Happy Birthday, Bebe.”

And at the end, she uploaded several pictures together and captioned them “date night.”

Liz 90 Day Fiance Ethnicity Is Hispanic

Liz Woods, who is known for her presence on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance and 90 Day: The Single Life, was born and raised in San Diego, California.

This makes her nationality to be of American.

Likewise, due to her outstanding beauty, many people have said that she is white American. 


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But the truth hits another way. Liz 90 Day Fiance Ethnicity is Hispanic. Likewise, the report says that most of California’s people are Hispanic, including white non-Hispanic and Hispanic & Asian Non-Hoispanic.

Liz seems proud of her ethnic background and doesn’t seem to have a problem sharing her information and family history with the people.

Liz Woods’s Grandparents Are Richard & Lavia: Family Details

Liz’s grandparents, Richard and Lavina, were seen on one of the episodes of 90 Day Fiance. They had a conversation with Big Ed there, which didn’t go well.


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Her grandparents were shocked to see that Liz had a ring on her finger, which Ed had given to her.

They told,

I was suprised that she had a ring on her finger that was atotal shock to us yeah that was a total shock to us.

Likewise, her grandparents are also from California. Besides her grandparents, she has a daughter, Ryleigh, who is part of her family.

Ryleigh was from her first husband, who was her school sweetheart, but they separated when she was just 22 years old.


What did Liz Woods work on before getting into the 90 Days Fiance?

Liz used to work as the manager at a restaurant in San Diego.

When did Liz Woods and Big Ed Brown marry?

The duo tied the knot in a Bohemian-themed wedding ceremony in Arkansas on August 29, 2023.

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